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SRM Global Hospitals, Chennai

SRM Global Hospitals, Known for its top notch health care solutions, stands as a best super-specialty hospital in Kattankulathur, Chennai. With extensive experience spanning more than three decades, our utmost dedication lies in offering unparalleled medical services.

We strive to combine state-of-the-art medical treatments, empathetic care, and a patient-centered approach, envisioning a world where individuals can experience life’s possibilities. At SRM Global Hospitals Pvt Ltd, we place the well-being of our patients and their families at the forefront, nurturing open communication and providing personalised attention.

Services & TreatmentsMore than 40 specialty and
health care services

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Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

From Facelifts to body contouring, SRM Global Hospitals Offers holistic Healthcare solutions under one roof.

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From Complex Surgeries to personalised Pain Management solutions, SRM Global Hospitals Offers holistic Healthcare solutions under one roof.

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From cardiovascular screenings to advanced interventions, SRM Global Hospitals Offers comprehensive Cardiac care under one roof.

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Cardiothoracic Surgery

From intricate heart surgeries to advanced thoracic procedures, SRM Global Hospitals offers compassionate care under one roof.

Services & Treatments40+ Specialities and comprehensive
health care services

24/7 Emergency Care

Medical assistance at global standards

Round the clock service

Dedicated emergency beds

Prompt intervention and care to patients arriving with emergency

Aided by a team of experts and highly specialized professionals

24/7 Emergency Care

Patient Centric Care beyond Expectations

Discover exceptional patient care with utmost comfort at SRM Global Hospitals Pvt Ltd, where we specialize in treating patients with complex or rare conditions.

With a focus on smooth and seamless procedures, we ensure that every aspect of your journey is effortless. Our commitment to cleanliness and maintenance ensures a hygienic and pleasant stay. Your comfort, well-being, and safety are our top priorities at SRM Global Hospitals Pvt Ltd

International Patient Care

At SRM Global Hospitals Pvt Ltd, we take pride in being an international destination for the world’s best medical care. We welcome patients from around the globe, Our multidisciplinary approach involves a team of medical professionals working collaboratively to provide accurate diagnoses and tailored treatment plans.

In addition to medical care, we offer assistance with travel arrangements, accommodation, language interpretation, and other logistical needs. Choose SRM Global Hospitals Pvt Ltd for international patient care that combines expertise, compassion, and personalized attention

At SRM Global Hospital Pvt Ltd, we revolutionize patient care with our

Advanced AI-Based Monitoring System

Continuous Remote Patient Monitoring

Early Warning System for Timely Intervention

AI-Powered Vital Parameter Tracking

Contactless Vitals Monitoring

Improved Patient Safety and Clinical Outcomes

At SRM Global Hospital Pvt Ltd, we revolutionize patient care with our

Advanced AI-Based Monitoring System

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Healing Stories

Sugantha Kumar L

The operations staff at SRM Global Hospital were incredibly helpful and efficient. They assisted me with all the paperwork, insurance claims, and scheduling appointments, making the entire process hassle-free. Their professionalism was truly appreciated

Priyanga Karthick

Best hospital for pregnancy care. Thanking Dr Karthika and Dr Ashok for bringing my little angel safe to this world. RECOMMENDING SRM Global Hospitals for all clinical services. This hospital provides best service with well trained staffs and best doctors

Gayathri M

The hospital excels in accurate disease diagnosis, boasts courteous doctors, and maintains state-of-the-art medical equipment. My mother-in-law received exceptional treatment, compassionate care, and made a full recovery upon leaving the hospital.

Gautham Balajee

Came to SRM Global Hospital to do a surgery for my mother. Thanking Dr Reegan Jose for his services. He was extremely awsome. Timely services with best trained staffs and doctors. Recommending SRM Global Hospitals for all treatments.

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