Patient Care

Discover exceptional care at SRM Global Hospitals Pvt Ltd, where we specialize in treating patients with complex or rare conditions. Our reputation as the preferred choice for patients around the globe stems from our team of highly qualified and specialized experts, renowned for their skills and experience. Your well-being is our top priority.

Experience utmost comfort at SRM Global Hospitals Pvt Ltd as we deliver compassionate care. With a focus on smooth and seamless procedures, we ensure that every aspect of your journey is effortless. Going above and beyond, our well-appointed interiors cater to the specific needs of patients, enabling us to deliver advanced and personalized treatment. Our commitment to cleanliness and maintenance ensures a hygienic and pleasant stay.

Patient Rooms

Feel the comfort at SRM Global Hospitals Pvt Ltd as you receive the most compassionate care. Rooms are well designed to accommodate the patient and their family in a comfortable environment.

SRM Global Hospitals Pvt Ltd ensures there is a smooth and easy flow of procedures and experiences for the patient and their family. We always strive hard to go beyond the best.

Interiors are designed to meet patient requirements and are well appointed to provide better and advanced treatment. The rooms are maintained well and are kept clean.

 Operation Rooms

Operation Rooms are designed and well-crafted by professionals who are specialized in designing hospital ambience. The tranquil atmosphere not only soothes patients, but its exceptional functionality also upholds the highest standards, making it a well-rounded and fully equipped facility. Latest technology and software enable surgeons to perform complicated surgeries accurately to greatly improve patient health. Zero-infection protocols ensure zero infection risk.

Post Discharge

After the discharge, a medication chart will be provided in order to check your health and to avoid post-operative complications.

Our helpline staff would reach out to you the next day to check on your well-being. We might give a visit to your home the next day after the surgery for dressing the wound and to ensure the general health.

In case of any unbearable pain or increasing discomfort, you can reach out to us 24x7.

Know Your Rights

Know Your Responsibilities

Appointment Notes

1. Note down your Symptoms

 Remember all your symptoms and tell them without any hesitation. Only then can a Doctor prescribe the right form of treatment to cure you. Clear all your doubts before the session ends.

2. Carry your Medical Records

Consolidate and submit all the details of your complete medical history, including the medications you are currently taking and the ones you used to. Knowing all your details will help your physician make the correct diagnosis. Medical Reports for the past 1 year might help doctors to examine completely.

3. Detailed info about your blood relative

Health information regarding your blood relatives will also help a doctor to diagnose the root cause of illness.

4. Personal Info

Personal Information includes your address proof and Membership ID. Your membership ID might help in the reduction of registration fees. Your ID also can reveal your history of treatments with us. Above all else, you need to be transparent with your physician, follow the course of treatment prescribed and be on time for your appointment.

Ask our experts

If you're looking for a second medical opinion, we can help you make a more educated choice.

Friendly & Peaceful Environment We welcome our patients with comfort by assuring better experience in a supportive environment
24*7 Emergency Support We offer 24*7 emergency support to help you at your crucial phase by giving immediate care and attention.
Professional And Qualified Staff We promote excellence in patient care by providing best service with our medical team.
Pain Free Hospital Holistic pain management by using a multidisciplinary team approach.

    Our Patients Speak

    Sugantha Kumar L

    The operations staff at SRM Global Hospitals Pvt Ltd were incredibly helpful and efficient. They assisted me with all the paperwork, insurance claims, and scheduling appointments, making the entire process hassle-free. Their professionalism was truly appreciated

    Priyanga Karthick

    Best hospital for pregnancy care. Thanking Dr Karthika and Dr Ashok for bringing my little angel safe to this world. RECOMMENDING SRM Global Hospitals Pvt Ltd for all clinical services. This hospital provides best service with well trained staffs and best doctors

    Gayathri M

    The hospital excels in accurate disease diagnosis, boasts courteous doctors, and maintains state-of-the-art medical equipment. My mother-in-law received exceptional treatment, compassionate care, and made a full recovery upon leaving the hospital.

    Gautham Balajee

    Came to SRM Global Hospitals Pvt Ltd to do a surgery for my mother. Thanking Dr Reegan Jose for his services. He was extremely awsome. Timely services with best trained staffs and doctors. Recommending SRM Global Hospitals Pvt Ltd for all treatments.